Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bensalem, PA- Get a Mattress That Lasts

Is your mattress going to last you as long as it should? The life of a mattress is not something that most people consider, but probably should. On average one will sleep on their mattress for 300 nights a year, for 5 to 8 hours a night, and always in the same spot (give or take 5-6 inches). That is a lot for wear and tear for a mattress to deal with, and if it is not designed to stand up to such heavy use it will not be able to support you, cradle you, and help you relax the way that it should. Unlike most manufacturers who only make one-sided mattresses, Croydon still takes the time to produce products that are two-sided and better resist body impressions.
            Unlike most major electronics purchases that are only expected to last for a few years, or cars that are leased and then returned, there is an expectation that a mattress will last for at least 10 years. Make sure that you pick a mattress that will meet and exceed that expectation.

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Bensalem, PA- Find the Perfect Mattress for You

Most people don’t think about it, but a mattress is a tremendously personal item. A mattress must be so precisely geared towards an individual’s needs that even couples sometimes have a hard time determining what type of mattress to get. Picking a mattress is a very hands-on process that requires one to try out an assortment of different options.
At Croydon Mattress we have a wide variety of mattresses, including multiple styles of innerspring, latex, memory foam, and gel. This ensures that all customers will receive the one-of-a-kind fit that they require.

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